InCAh Progams in Anthrohippology (Human/Horse Interaction)

Horses for Peace (H4P)

Building Relationships between Faiths through Equine Therapy...

InCAh's Horses for Peace program (H4P) provides a safe, compassionate environment for the development of interfaith understanding through equine therapy. It is especially committed to making a profound difference in the lives of those displaced or otherwise affected by war, and is based upon a philosophy of compassion and respect for people of all faith traditions. Through this program, we use horses temperamentally-suited to gentle human/horse interaction to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which people of different faith traditions can interact with them, either one-on-one, in small single-faith groups, or in small interfaith groups. All interactions take place with a certified EEL horse professional and an ordained interfaith minister present.

Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning (EEL) programs provide benefits that are as diverse as the participants themselves. Healthcare professionals familiar with EEL continue to recognize the unique advantages it offers to patients in all areas; physical, emotional, and spiritual. These attributes, combined with the innate, intuitive qualities of the horse, make H4P an ideal setting for interfaith interaction, understanding, and enrichment.

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