InCAh Courses in Anthrohippology (Human/Horse Studies)

The following Anthrohippology (Human/Horse Studies) courses are offered
The International Center for Anthrohippology (InCAh) located in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Bergheim, Texas, approximately 40 miles north of San Antonio.

These classes are offered as part of a foundation certification in Anthrohippology (Human/Horse Studies):

War Horse Wisdom 1
Equine Cultural History: "The
Great Horse in Religion and Mythology"

War Horse Wisdom 2
Equine Social History:  "Changing Roles and Welfare of the Horse in Society"

War Horse Wisdom 3
Equines and Health: "Stress Management and the Horse/Human Bond"

InCAh Courses in Equine Bodywork

Equine Sports Massage Therapist Certification
Foundation Equine Bodywork Certification as Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT)